Cathy's Counsel
April 8, 2017, 8:21 AM

A Mother's Lament


When against the

            Flow of common sense

                      The mind endeavors go


The rationale of life and

            Love conflicts

                        With what is so.


There then exists

            No limits,

                        No curfews, curbs, or cause


Only “self” controls

            And ridicules

                        The basic human law


Here there are no barriers

            No boundaries

                        For the boudoir


Thus we will see

            The sacred scattered

                        Beyond both near and far


When holiness is hollow

            And defined by time

                        And place


The safe, secure, selection

            Is denounced

                        But never faced


The standard voice

            Of reason

                        Is trampled by the shouts


Of the insecure

            Demanding that

                        Brokenness “come out.”


All the while

            The family in the

                        Shadows stand


Weeping for the

            Loved one

                        That’s in a foreign land


Disregard for

            Century’s truth

                        Disdain for God’s one plan


The liberated

            Lovers stand on

                        Sordid sinking sand


No tears

            Or broken hearts

                        Will fix or bridge the gap


Only blind approval

            Causes those progressive

                        Hands to clap


And in the end

What will become

Of those who enter in?

It all depends on

The label given:

Unbridled “love” or sin.





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