Cathy's Counsel
December 8, 2017, 7:58 AM

An Advent Poem

The Cross and the Crib by Caatherineelaine


God’s blood was shed

So long ago

Upon a hill of shame

He bore a crown

Upon His head

Above the crown His name


King of the Jews

The letters spoke

In languages all could read

And on the ground

The Crimson stain

The Son of God did bleed


Before the cross

There was a crib

The Lord in human form

A manger bed

Of straw and dust

The royal head did warm


The shepherds heard

The angels sing

Their message from above

And later still

Confirmed by John

The Spirit like a dove


Wisemen came near

Their gifts of myrrh

And frankincense foretold

Of suffering death

And borrowed tomb

Of grave cloths creased with fold


The star announced

The God-child’s birth

All of heaven looked

When death arrived

The sun grew dark

The earth it  groaned and shook



Mary’s tiny babe

Called kings to stand

And question such a sight

The Man-divine

Died on a cross

And shattered satan’s blight


The Heavens sang

A birthing song

“Glory to God on High”

Then wept to see

That Sacred Head

Drooped in the final sigh


Peace on the earth

Came silently

Beneath the starry sky

Then Victory

Was heralded

As Jesus rose on high!



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