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Morning Message

In response to God's call, I have been writing a short devotional every morning and sharing it with those God has placed in my path. It is a pleasure to do this each day and I have been incredibly blessed by doing so. The words I write each morning are not my own words but the words the Lord gives me to share with you. I am humbled by the fact that so many people would even want to read what the Lord has to say through me each day and I am pleased to be His tool to be used in this capacity. My prayer is that God will continue to use the Morning Message to touch the heart of you, the reader, in some way. Doreen

TitleSubjectCentral Passage
November 12, 2018Who Is Wise?Proverbs 1:5-6
November 11, 2018Greater Wisdom And MORE!Proverbs 1:2-4
November 10, 2018Grant Me Wisdom And Discernment1 Kings 3:9
November 9, 2018Accountability Among Believers1 John 1:9
November 8, 2018Keep God's WordJohn 14:21
November 7, 2018The Lie Of SatanJohn 8:44
November 6, 2018The Lie Of The EnemyGenesis 3:4-5
November 5, 2018Redeemed By The Blood Of The LambPsalms 5:3
November 4, 2018His And Only HisEphesians 1:7
November 3, 2018The Choice Is YoursLuke 10:18
November 2, 2018The Three Of ThemGenesis 1:26
November 1, 2018God Loves YouRevelation 1:8
October 31, 2018Obedience Is A ChoiceJeremiah 1:5
October 30, 2018Created to ObeyRevelation 4:11
October 29, 2018Creation Demands A CreatorPsalms 104:33
October 28, 2018Ordinances Of Heaven And EarthHebrews 11:3
October 27, 2018God's WorldGenesis 2:1
October 26, 2018All The Books Will Be Opened1 Timothy 2:4
October 25, 2018Every Day Is In His BookPsalms 139:16
October 24, 2018The Book Of The LivingIsaiah 46:10
October 23, 2018His BookPsalm 139:16
October 22, 2018Heirs Of The KingdomRomans 8:16-17
October 21, 2018The Family Of God Galatians 4:6-7
October 20, 2018That Moment In TimeGalatians 3:26
October 19, 2018Free From Bondage!Romans 8:2
October 18, 2018From Death To LifeRomans 6:23
October 17, 2018Total TransformationActs 9:3
October 16, 2018The Lamb Of GodJohn 1:29
October 15, 2018Complete ContentmentJames 1:17
October 14, 2018Abundant Life DefinedJohn 10:10
October 13, 2018Are You So Foolish?Galatians 3:23
October 12, 2018Christ Is My EverythingGalatians 2:21
October 11, 2018Fully SurrenderedColossians 3:23
October 10, 2018Born Again, Changed By ChristGalatians 2:20
October 9, 2018Faith In Christ AloneJohn 14:6

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