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Morning Message

In response to God's call, I have been writing a short devotional every morning and sharing it with those God has placed in my path. It is a pleasure to do this each day and I have been incredibly blessed by doing so. The words I write each morning are not my own words but the words the Lord gives me to share with you. I am humbled by the fact that so many people would even want to read what the Lord has to say through me each day and I am pleased to be His tool to be used in this capacity. My prayer is that God will continue to use the Morning Message to touch the heart of you, the reader, in some way. Doreen

TitleSubjectCentral Passage
September 18, 2018Remember MeJohn 3:18
September 17, 2018True SalvationRomans 10:9-10
September 16, 2018The Perils Of UnbeliefLuke 4:21
September 15, 2018Christ And Him Crucified 1 Corinthians 2:2
September 14, 2018There Must Be Change1 Corinthians 5:17
September 13, 2018Freedom Or Bondage. Which Do You Choose?Galatians 5:1
September 12, 2018Hidden In ChristColossians 3:3
September 11, 2018Set Your Mind On Things AboveColossians 3:2
September 10, 2018Tell It To Jesus AloneColossians 3:1
September 9, 2018Let Peace Rule In Your HeartColossians 3:15
September 8, 2018Abundant Life; Perfect PeaceRomans 15:13
September 7, 2018Perfect Peace In ChristJohn 14:27
September 6, 2018The Bread Of LifeJohn 6:35
September 5, 2018He Alone Is Worthy Of Our PraiseJames 1:17
September 4, 2018What Shall We Do?John 6:28
September 3, 2018The Meat Of The GospelJohn 6:27
September 2, 2018The Drawing Power Of The FatherJohn 6:44
September 1, 2018Your Will Be DoneMatthew 6:10
August 31, 2018The Love Of Our Heavenly Father1 John 4:19
August 30, 2018Arise! Be Set Free!Mark 2:11
August 29, 2018It's Yours For The BelievingMatthew 9:5
August 28, 2018God Knows Our ThoughtsMatthew 9:4
August 27, 2018By His Wounds You Have Been Healed1 Peter 2:24
August 26, 2018Come As You AreLuke 5:20
August 25, 2018Jack Betts, Born For A PurposeRomans 8:28
August 24, 2018Faith Results In ActionLuke 5:20
August 23, 2018Be A FriendJohn 15:13
August 22, 2018Prepared For Action!1 Peter 1:13
August 21, 2018And All Men Did Marvel.Mark 5:20
August 20, 2018Priorities Of LifeMatthew 6:33
August 19, 2018Whosoever Means YouMark 5:15
August 18, 2018Spiritual BattleMark 5:5
August 17, 2018The Only AnswerMark 5:5
August 16, 2018Fight The Good Fight1 Timothy 6:12
August 15, 2018God's PlanJohn 14:6
August 14, 2018He's Only A Prayer AwayMatthew 8:3
August 13, 2018Who Is This Man?Mark 4:41
August 12, 2018Cry Out To The Lord For HelpPsalm 72:12
August 11, 2018He's My Harbor In Time Of A StormMark 8:39
August 10, 2018O You Of Little FaithMatthew 8:26
August 9, 2018The Spirit Of UnbeliefLuke 8:50
August 8, 2018Discernment Of SpiritsHebrews 5:14
August 7, 2018Healed And Made WholeMatthew 9:22
August 6, 2018The Countless Miracles of JesusJohn 21:25
July 23, 2018Blessed Beyond Words1 Timothy 1:12

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